You Street

Pat Lok

One of Vancouver’s finest gems Pat Lok is back with a brand new release, “You Street”, and it’s a track that will surely warm your day. Pat Lok is best known for crafting genuinely feel-good music that form a link between an older funk sound with a fresh and updated twist. His last remix of Jarreau Vandal’s “Nobody Else” ft. Brasstracks and Niya Wells was a luminous rework that showcased Pat Lok’s undeniable knack for funk and eclectic talents.

The opening track on The Magician’s first Magic Tape of the year and premiered by Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1, we can see Pat Lok had fun producing this, it’s a real weekend starter and good fun jam.

Somewhere between nu disco with the tasty hand claps and 4×4 with a strings of life feel flowing through the melodics.

A must for the record bag on the weekend.

“I started writing this on a plane after a gig on the East Coast. I’ve always loved big brassy sounds in dance music since hearing PNAU – Embrace way back. This was really one of those times where the chords almost wrote themselves… I haven’t really done a proper club tune in awhile, so it was exciting to try and combine these two concepts (music I enjoy writing vs the music I play out at shows).” – Pat Lok

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